Saturday, June 03, 2006

You better not go down to the Cove today.

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You better not go down to the cove today. You better go in disguise.

It is Saturday and le Enchanteur and the Gorgon are as fractious as can be. Enchanteur is in such a state that she has steam coming out of her ears and the Gorgon is not happy either.

They have reputations to maintain. Images to hold!

Hopefully, those planning to travel by ship will be able to slip down to the cove tomorrow, row out and claim a cabin while these two sleep off their Saturday fractiousness. Hopefully they will be more amiable by the time we all sit down for a Sunday dinner together.

And whose head is that dangling out there? Faucon? I hope you and Cher-lynn made a quick getaway up over the mountain pass.


At 3:09 AM, Blogger faucon of Sakin'el said...

A man with a staff commands a circle of 12 feet, given knowledge of anatomy -- and other things. Anyone wishing my head should send henchmen more than four, if they wish to even know if I were there, Besides, I mastered invisibility long ago -- it comes with silence, and pirates are such a noisy lot.

At 3:44 AM, Blogger Imogen Crest said...

OOH! The drama of the high seas, mystery coves and hi jinx! No wonder Enchanteur has steam coming out of her ears!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Never a dull moment around these parts:-P

At 8:55 AM, Blogger Lorijayne said...

Count me in on this adventure. I've been practicing my sword fighting techniques learned from the Mistress of the Taoist Fighting Arts, the Great Sifu!!!!
(okay so her name is Lana and she gave me one lesson with theatre prop swords)

But in this Virtual Realm I am a Chinese Sword expert and shall defend my ship and my captain!! I'll even defend that wretched parrot of hers.........Point me towards danger!

:D (this is sorta fun!)

At 12:35 AM, Blogger Heather Blakey said...

Good to hear that you have been practicing your martial arts and sword fighting skills Lori. I feel so much safer now.


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