Sunday, August 28, 2005


I entered the Great Hall of the House of Serpents with Jake riding high on my walking stick. I sensed no fear, though I had to walk carefully as to not step on any of the snakes. Once they were aware of my presence, they started moving to either side to form a literal pathway that led straight to the Great Hall.

After passing through the arched doorway, I noticed that the snakes' pathway directed me straight to the throne of the Gorgon. I must say a wave of fear passed through me at this site. Her stern look was enough to spark fear, but those snakes writhing from her head! It caused chills down my spine to think of snakes crawling on my own head. I took a deep breath and looked to Jake -- cute, little Jake smiling from atop my walking stick. I smiled again and continued to make my way to the Gorgon. As a way of keeping my fear at bay and to show respect, I made a deep bow when I reached the Gorgon. I thanked her for hosting me in this amazing house and allowing me to attend this celebration. I humbly offered her my gift -- a collage I made about a lesson learned.

She graciously accepted my gift and directed me to the table where the others were feasting. I made eye-contact with her once to thank her again, then swiftly turned and took my seat at the table, pleased that I had made it this far in this stop.


At 7:49 PM, Blogger Believer said...

Beautiful collage, Ashley! (A great entrance, too!)


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