Saturday, August 20, 2005

My Performance for the Gorgon -- Gail

A Ghost Story
Like a flame, the woman blazed from room to room,
Her small white hands move hither, thither, in the gloom;
Fair wraith, what do you seek like a flickering flame?
Outside the wind sighs in the trees and calls your name.

``Natalie, Natalie, so fair in youth,
Natalie, have you come to find the truth?
Like a flame you blazed among us for a time,
And then were quenched, a candle snuffed while in its prime.’’

``I seek the one who ruined my life while I was young,
I seek my betrayor to still his lying tongue,
I seek my vengeance from beyond the grave,
To taste his blood and eat his heart is what I crave.”

``Natalie, Natalie, so cold in death,
Natalie, I feel the ice upon your breath.
Now an avenging hellion you appear,
Trailing clouds of sulphur, risen from your bier.”

Like a flame, the woman blazed into the night –
Of her erstwhile lover, they say he died of fright,
Before his heart was torn out and thrown upon the ground,
Near the river in which a ruined woman drowned.


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